How to Make Driftwood or Shop Bulk Driftwood

If you love driftwood, but don't have access to it, there is a solution. Shop it or make it!

How to Make Driftwood
You can make your own driftwood from many types of wood sticks that you can find along almost any waterway or even in your backyard. Softer woods like pine and birch that have a lighter color work great for this project. You can find the step by step tutorial for making driftwood in the Book Coastal Crafts.

How to make driftwood in a nutshell:
You simply chisel of the bark from your wood sticks then soak them in hot water with washing soda (like super washing soda from Arm & Hammer) for 24 hours (ratio 8 to 1). After the soak, scrub off any bark that has loosened during the soaking, then rinse and place on towel to dry in the sun. Once dry, sand the pieces with a find sandpaper for a smooth finish. If you want to further lighten and whiten the wood, brush the pieces with some watered down white paint, using a foam brush.

Online Tutorials How to Make Driftwood:

Make your own Driftwood

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