6 Ways to Make a Driftwood Fish for the Wall -DIY Tutorials

There are many things you can create with Driftwood, from simple Garlands to stunning Mirrors, to driftwood fish.

driftwood fish on wall
These DIY driftwood fish make gorgeous wall sculptures anywhere in your home. As a focal point over a couch, headboard, or side table, or as a smaller accent wall piece, depending on size and preference. Original source unknown.

make driftwood fish
Use a metal rod to hold the drilled driftwood pieces, and work out the shape of the fish with the help of a picture. Via Flotsam Friends.

diy driftwood fish
Choose a backdrop such as a piece of driftwood. Then arrange your sticks on it. Via The Space Between.

driftwood fish tutorial
Weave driftwood pieces together with an "over, under" motion. Via Picklee.

driftwood fish
Use one or two large pieces of wood as the horizontal backbone. This I believe is the most popular version. Via My Homemade Home.

Chickenwire DIY Fish Wood Sticks Driftwood Wall Decor Craft
This driftwood fish is made with chicken wire which looks like Scales. Sticks are attached with craft wire. Reader submission on Completely Coastal Pinterest.

hanging driftwood fish
And last but not least, hang your driftwood fish on a loop vertically, using string to hold the drilled pieces. Via Wood and Rope.

driftwood fish
I hope these ideas help you create your own fabulous driftwood fish! Coastal Cottage Bedroom.

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