Driftwood Wall Decor & Wall Art Handmade USA

Handmade driftwood wall art & decor inspired by the sea. Sea creatures small and large, paintings on driftwood, as well as beautiful driftwood wall wreaths and mirrors.

Reclaimed Driftwood Wall Decor Art Decorations Handmade One of a Kind
Reclaimed driftwood made into one of a kind unique wall decorations and wall art by artisans and artist on Etsy.

Painted Driftwood Sea Life Wall Art Sculptures

Get your driftwood wall decor natural or painted. Driftwood sea life and other creations such as flamingos, anchors and hearts, made with driftwood found along the beaches of the Jersey Shore. Driftwood wall art pieces are mounted on wood backing.

Coastal Beach Art Seaside Paintings on Wood

Driftwood Wall Wreaths

Stunning driftwood wreaths with or without seaglass pieces made from driftwood that is hand collected from Maine beaches. This salty girl has a warehouse barn full of driftwood. If you don't see what you're searching for, convo her, she'll find it.

Driftwood Seahorse

Handmade driftwood wall art pieces are constructed with driftwood from NC Intracoastal Waterway. An assortment of small driftwood pieces is used to create small and large seahorses, mermaids, anchors, and driftwood mosaic wall art.

Driftwood Letters

Handmade driftwood creations such as sea creatures, letters, hearts, as well as frames. Get your initial in a driftwood letter, or say it with a driftwood heart.

Decorative Handmade Driftwood Wall Mirrors

Rustic one of a kind driftwood mirrors for anywhere in the home. Such as this beautiful mirror by Redwood Coastal Design.

Coastal & Nautical Art on Driftwood

More Driftwood Wall Decor Ideas
Large Driftwood Wall Art