Decorating Pots with Shells

With just a few shells (or a lot) you can turn an ordinary terra cotta pot into a gem.

decorating pots with shells
Decorating pots with shells doesn't get any easier than this. Simply glue shells to the pot rim. Seen here.

shell covered pot Martha Stewart
Then, four decorating ideas from Martha Stewart. This pot was painted and sanded before shells were glued on. See Shell Covered Pots.

decorating pots with Martha Stewart
Different pot decorating styles.

shell planters
For this Project Martha aged the terra-cotta pots with powdered milk paint.

terra cotta shell pot
And here Martha Steward shows how to make a richly textured pot adorned with white and gray shells.

painted shell pot
An antique looking Shell Pots, achieved with spray paint.

shell planters
And this decorated terra cotta pot was spray painted with silver.

sea shell mosaic planter
At BHG you can learn how to make this shell mosaic planter.

Sea Shell Planter
And a similar shell mosaic planter pot looking pretty on a kitchen counter. Source no longer available.

pot with jingle shells
Decorating a pots with shimmery jingle shells, collected from North Carolina beaches. Source no longer available.

decorating pots
Decorating pots can go from embellishing the rim only to the cohesive look of a painted shell pot.

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