21 DIY Seashell Pot & Planter Ideas

Turn an ordinary inexpensive terracotta planter pot into a coastal gem with shells.

How to Decorate Terracotta Pots with Shells
Decorating terracotta planter pots with shells can be as simple as creating a decorative border with assorted shells, or as elaborate as composing an intrinsic shell mosaic and anything in between. Take these ideas as your inspiration! To adhere the shells, use something strong like Gorilla Glue

Image: HGTV

DIY Shell Planter Pot How to Tutorial
The shell for this planter pot were glued around the rim with Elmers' Pro Bond. You can find the tutorial here: DIY Shell Covered Pot

shell covered pot Martha Stewart
This and the next three sea shell pot ideas are from Martha Stewart. Source to projects are no longer available. This terracotta pot was painted and sanded before shells were glued on.

decorating pots with Martha Stewart
You can create a shell mosaic style pot or use one single type of shell, such as scallop shells, to create a uniform look.

Scallop Shell Terra Cotta Pot Makeover

shell planters
These pots were aged with powdered milk paint before adhering the shells.

Small Blue Painted Pot with Shell and Seaglass Decor
This pot was inspired by the above, and submitted by a Reader on Pinterest. After painting the pot blue, shells were added and some green and turquoiss seaglass. It's a repotted little Aloe Vera plant.

Sea Shell Planters

Shell Covered Terra Cotta Pot
A pot covered in only tiny shells. To completely cover an object in shells is also known as Coquillage. Original source unknown.

terra cotta shell pot
And this pot is fully covered with all kinds of shells, resulting in a great textured shell pot.

Sea Shell Pot
DIY seashell covered planter pot by The Cavender Diary, featured HERE. Shells are adhered to a terracotta pot with gorilla glue, then grout is piped in between shells to give it that rustic stone/cement look.

How to Attach Shells to Terra Cotta Pots

Terra Cotta Pot Crafts
This shell pot has bright Orange Shells as a focal point. Original source unknown.

sea shell mosaic planter
Here seashells are adhered below the rim of the pot. Seen at Better Homes and Garden. Original source is no longer available.

Seashell Terracotta Garden Pot DIY Craft Idea
Rustic Seashell Garden Planter Idea via Hometalk. Ready-mixed tile adhesive was used for this garden pot.

painted shell pot
You can also spray paint over your finished shell pot, seen at Things Created. Bronze, silver, or any other color that achieves the look you are going for.

shell planters

DIY Sea Shell Terracotta Pot Textured Faux Stone Spray Paint Idea
This shell pot by Confessions of a Serial DIYer was finished off with a faux stone spray paint to give it a textured Beach Sand Look.

Sea Shell Planter
A shell mosaic planter pot looking pretty on a kitchen counter. Source no longer available.

pot with jingle shells
Pot decorated with shimmery jingle shells, collected from North Carolina beaches. Source no longer available.

decorating pots

If you love the idea of decorating pots and planters with shells, you might also like these Shell Decorated Vase Ideas and Shell Decorated Trinket Box Ideas.

DIY Shell Cache Pot made with Ballon Video Tutorial
And lastly, an idea for a shell cache pot without the pot. It is made with a balloon. Watch the Video Tutorial on YouTube! The hot glue used somehow does not damage the balloon.