Seashell Boxes | Trinket Box Ideas Decorated with Shells

A beautiful shell box is a perfect decorative accessory for anywhere in the home. 

Sea Shell Box Seashell encrusted Trinket Box

Turn a simple wood box into a gorgeous seashell trinket box or find a beautiful vintage shell box, either way, lovely seashell boxes make great beachy decorative accessories, and they are an ideal place to store jewelry or small treasure. Also, they make thoughtful Coastal Gifts! So here is a selection of differently decorated seashell boxes, including mine at the end.

Decorative Vintage Seashell Boxes Collection Collectible Shell Boxes

Some of these decorative seashell boxes can be found in thrift shops very inexpensively while other shell boxes might be true vintage shell boxes and be quite valuable to collectors. If you are on the hunt for a vintage shell box and want to ensure the box is authentic and not a reproduction, look for signs of age and original manufacturing techniques to verify authenticity.

Shell Covered Boxes

Vintage Seashell Box
Original Source Unknown

DIY Shell Box Ideas | How to Decorate Boxes with Seashells

Handmade Shell Boxes

Heart Shaped Shell Box

Wood Box Makeover with Shells
I did a little paint makeover on a brown wood box that I picked up at a local thrift store. The lid of the box had a decorative inlay which is where I placed the shells. I used clear gorilla glue to adhere the seashells to the box. So now I have a tiny piece of local beach in my home!

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