Bathtub Caddy Tray Ideas for a Coastal Home Spa Experience

Set up a luxurious coastal home spa experience with a bathtub caddy tray.

Bathtub Caddy Bath Tub Tray Coastal at Home Spa Ideas

Designed to rest across the tub, a bathtub tray gives you all the space you need to set up the mood for a luxurious Coastal Spa experience. 

Best Bathtub Trays

Bathtub trays made from teak, bamboo and other woods are some of the most attractive options for a luxury spa experience. Just be sure to let your wooden bathtub caddy dry completely between uses to avoid the chance for mold (especially unpainted/untreated models). Metal is another common material used in bathtub trays. But metal can be susceptible to rusting. This shouldn't happen in high-quality stainless steel models, but it is a concern in lower-quality bathtub caddy trays. 

Coastal Bathroom Spa Ideas
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What would you have on your bathtub caddy tray?