Coastal Beach Reed Room Diffuser Ideas | Shop or DIY

Infuse your home with a lovely fragrance, using a decorative coastal beachy reed diffuser. Shop reed diffusers or make one with some beach finds.

Coastal Beach Shells Room Diffuser
Envelop your home in a scent with a decorative coastal beach reed diffuser. Especially great for a Beachy Spa Bathroom. Here is a selection of diffusers to purchase or to be inspired by. You'll find a quick tutorial at the end of this post how to make a room reed diffuser, using your own shells.

Coastal Beach Theme Reed Diffuser

Blue Coastal Reed Diffuser Decorative Vase

Decorative Reed Diffuser Bottles Coastal Beach Engraved

How to Make a Beachy Reed Diffuser

Created a scented oil mixture by adding an essential oil of your choice to an unscented oil such as baby oil or mineral oil. How many drops of essential oil you need depends on the size of your vessel and taste for scent. But before you fill your jar or vase with the scented oil, pour a couple of table spoons of pure alcohol (inexpensive isopropyl) into the vessel. This helps the scent to flow up the diffuser rods better. Then add wooden diffuser reeds. If your vessel is small, simply cut the diffuser reeds to an appropriate size. And, of curse, as many shells to the bottom of the vessel as you wish.