3 Top Coastal Beach Table Decor Ideas for any Occasion & the Holidays

Top Coastal Tabletop Decor Ideas for Coastal Theme Entertaining that work for any occasion, including the Holidays.

Seashell Candle Centerpiece Festive Holiday Beach Decor
Lush Table Centerpiece with Shells & Candles

Gorgeous seashell and candle centerpiece by India Hicks, composed with hand collected shells and treasures. Edge your beach shell table centerpiece with seasonal greenery and accents as you wish for a stunning and festive display that runs across your table.

Coastal Fall Bowl Table Centerpiece Decor Idea
Seasonal Coastal Centerpiece Bowl

Use a long bowl to arrange seasonal and coastal decorations as you please. Idea by Anchored Soul Designs.

Coastal Nautical Table Top Decor Setting with Gold
Table with a Golden Touch

Be it a nautical or a coastal theme, adding gold accents will give your table a festive and elegant look.  Populate your table with gold mini figurines such as crabs , sea turtles, starfish and/or Gold Painted Shells. This golden idea comes from Decoholic.