18 Coastal Candle Centerpieces for a Festive Table

Beautiful coastal candle centerpieces that bring warmth and festivity to the table.

festive coastal candle centerpieces
Be it a Thanksgiving table, Christmas table, or another celebration, an elegant coastal candle centerpiece goes with any occasion.

Orange Table Runner
Orange table runner and simple glass vases filled with sand and Pillar Candles via Run Away Bride.

Shell Candle Centerpiece
DIY shell candle centerpieces. Long row of quahog shells by Miss Buttercup. Shell candles by Martha Stewart, featured here.

Candles in Mini Pails
Candles in cute Mini Beach Pails, via Lemonade Makin Mama.

Wave Glass Tray with Candles
A wave glass tray with candles and marbles by A Quiet Life.

Floating Candles in Wine Glasses
Gold painted driftwood log and floating candles in glasses. Via Love and Lavender.

Wine Glass Candle Holder
Decorating with Candles couldn't be easier than using glasses. They make for a quick coastal table centerpiece. Via My Home Ideas.

Tray with Scallop Shell and Candles
A tray filled with sand, scallop shells and tea lights. Original source unknown.

Vase with Candle Centerpiece
Large glass vases filled with sand and candles via Hey Bernice, featured on A Merry Driftwood Christmas.

Driftwood Candle Holder
Driftwood plank with tapered candles. Original source unknown.

Driftwood Candelabra
Driftwood candle holder via Impressionen, a German online store.

Driftwood Tea Light Candle Holder
A chunky driftwood log with votive candle from By the Seashore.

Vase with Coral and Candle
Candle centerpiece with sand and Coral in a large vase. Original source unknown.

Nautical Candle Centerpiece
Nautical candle centerpiece with decorative fish net, featured on Top Nautical Tablescape Idea with Decorative Fish Net. Via Pinterest. Original source unknown.

Coastal Thanksgiving centerpiece by Everything Coastal.

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