Finger Starfish Made from Clay

Decorating with white finger starfish is so popular that I'm always happy to find yet another starfish craft that shows how you can make your very own starfish decorations, such as the Baking Soda Dough Starfish, for example.

DIY Starfish
This white finger starfish is shaped free style (original source is no longer available). Air drying clay was used, so you don't even have to bake the clay. You just knead the clay, roll out 5 ropes from it, and spread out the ropes in a star shape, then with a skewer, poke holes.

Why bother making white finger starfish when you can buy them rather inexpensively? You might ask.

If you don't like the idea of starfish being harvested alive for home decor, then you choose DIY starfish or Faux Resin Starfish. After all, the ocean is not a shopping mall for decorative home accessories. Sea treasures are only for the taking if washed up ashore. So take a look at these white finger starfish made from clay. There are two methods, free style shaping and using a mold.

A mold made with Silicone Putty was used to create life like white finger starfish. The full tutorial is posted at She Knows -and you won't believe what they did with the starfish!

If you do have a real starfish at home use it to make many more, or purchase a Life Like Faux Starfish -it would be a sturdy model! Now that I came across this method, I think I prefer it to my Cast Plaster Starfish.

clay starfish
This is an example of masterfully molded clay finger starfish by the Crickleberry Cottage, featured here.

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