Making Seashell Candles

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Making seashell candles is such a fun thing to do. Here's how you can turn your beautiful shells into candles. Seashell candles are also great for a coastal theme Holiday table or a summer party. You'll be inspired by these lovely displays!

seashell candles

How to Make Seashell Candles:
Take some deep and straight standing shells, fill them with melted wax, place wicks with holders into the bottoms and let them dry. You can pick up a block of wax and a bag of wicks at your local craft store. Also consider recycling some of your candles! I always have quite a bit of wax leftover from my pillar candles. The deeper the seashells the longer your seashell candles will burn.
Picture via Pottery Barn.

Best Seashells for Candle Making
The deeper the shells the longer the burning time of the seashell candles. Via Burkatron.

Making Seashell Candles
Learn how to Transform Large Seashells into Candles at BHG.

Seashell Candles
And another Seashell Candle Project posted on BHG.

How to Make Seashell Candles
Shell Candles at Martha Stewart.

entertaining with seashell candles
Also via Martha Stewart. To add glam to your seashell candles, spray shells first with metallic paint. Pour the melted wax into the shell, then place a wick and holder in the bottom of the shell!

oyster shell candles
How to Make Seashell Candles at Country Living.

Seashell Candles
And for detailed instructions, plus a video to watch go to Martha Stewart.

Spread a warm beachy glow with homemade seashell candles!

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Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Well this could be fun!! And here I was thinking of making teacup, the shore girl! :-)

Drawn to The Sea said...

Love the rustic look of the oyster shells!
You've given me an idea... a play on something my sweet mama used to make. If it works out, I'll let you know :-)

Sunny day,

Juju at Tales of said...

I want!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I love the way these look!


henzy said...

these are so fabulously cute

justjoycee said...

These are just lovely...

Alison Gibbs said...

What a great idea and so easy to do

EKAA said...

Lovely! great idea

Lisa said...

Love this! What a beautiful gift this would make - do I have time do do them before 12/25??? Hmmmmmm. If not I'll definitely do it for the summertime! Thanks for the fab idea!

Lil-Rosi said...

I absolutely love this!!! I'm definitely going to have to try it soon! TFS!

Love of the Sea said...

Love the oyster shell ones. These are so cute. I am trying this. Looks so easy!

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