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Gel candles bring the beach to your home like no other type of candles.

How to Make Gel Candles | Ocean Beach Gel Candle Tutorials Ideas How to

The gel wax used to make these candles captures sand, shells, seaglass, and other small beach finds in place, creating the illusion of an under water scene. You can use clear or blue gel wax, even add an oceanic fragrance to your beach gel candle. And did you know that gel candles burn much longer than standard wax candles? Gel candles burn twice as long due to their higher melting point! 

What is Gel Wax?
Gel wax is a transparent, rubbery compound composed of mostly mineral oil and a small percentage of polymer resin. Gel wax is odorless.

beach gel candles
These small jar beach gel candles make great favors and gifts for any occasion. Original source no longer available. 

How to Make Beach Gel Candles:
To make a basic beach gel candle you'll need a good glass candle holder, jar or glass vase (that can take a little heat so to speak), gel wax, and a wick. In addition you can use a color such as blue and add a scent that reminds you of the perfect beach day. 

Heat up the gel wax until liquid, to give it an ocean blue color add a little bit of liquid dye to the melted wax. The more dye you add, the less translucent the wax is. Be very conservative! And add a few drops of scent if you wish. Then, slowly pour the mixture into the glass, filling it about 1/4-inch from the lip of the container. The slow and careful pour keeps the bubbles away! 

How to melt the Gel Wax:
The best way to melt the gel wax is with a double boiler. You can Purchase a Double Boiler for Candle Making (Amazon) or use a metal pan filled with a few inches and add a metal or heatproof glass bowl. When you heat up the water, the wax in the bowl will start to melt.

 What Wick to use to make Gel Candles:
Use a wick with a wire core. This helps the wick to stand straight while you pour the gel wax. And also good to know: Do not trim the wick -it may drown into the gel!

How to add Sand and Shells to Gel Candles: 
Drop a little bit of sand first into your sturdy glass container, then pour a little bit of gel wax, then add shells, then pour gel wax near the top of your container.

How to add Fragrance to a Gel Candle: 
To make sure your scented oil blends thoroughly into the gel, use *gel safe fragrance oil. You simply add a few drops of your favorite fragrance oil or essential oil into the melted gel, stir carefully, then pour wax into the glass jar. 
*Low polarity oil with a flashpoint of at least 170. The flashpoint of candle fragrance oil is the temperature at which point it becomes combustible if exposed to a spark or flame. You should find the flashpoint on the label of your fragrance oil. You can also do an at home test -See this Video on Youtube.

Gel Candle Making Kit

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Ocean Beach Gel Candles

Frangrance Oils for Candle Making

Large selection of fragrance oils in small 10ml bottles. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the melted gel, stir carefully, then pour wax into the glass jar.

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