Painting a Saying over a Coastal Art Canvas

Paint a saying over a coastal art canvas painting. It's a great way to personalize and modernize an art canvas.

paint saying over art canvas
A bold example with a modern vibe. A coastal art canvas is made over with large letters that spell out all you need is love. Each letter was printed out on card stock, cut out, then placed on the canvas painting. After figuring out the spacing, the letters were traced onto the canvas with a light pencil. After that, simply fill in the lines with acrylic paint and a small craft brush. For all the details, head over to Young House Love.

paint words over map
A Holiday project from two years ago by Emily Henderson. Instead of a coastal art canvas, use a world Map -it's 70% ocean and seas.

paint saying over coastal art canvas
Here an old coastal art canvas painting was made over with a saying in a different way. The feel is more rustic, with an abstract look. Letter stickers from JoAnn were used as "reversed" stencils. Once the saying was in place, the entire canvas was brushed over with thinned acrylic paint. Remove letters, et voilà, you got yourself a coastal art canvas with personal meaning! You can learn more about this project over at Kelsey Inspired, and for more ideas on stenciling, go to Create a Word Canvas.