Weathered Wood Plank Panel Wallpaper for the Coastal Beach Look

Bring the sun bleached weathered beach look to your home with wallpaper that mimics wood plank panels.

Weathered Wood Panel Wallpaper
These breezy blue weathered wood wallpapers mimic the look of sun bleached wood associated with sand, sea & salt. No handling of Wood Panels and Paint. Use these weathered wood wallpapers to Create a Rustic Beachy Accent Wall, or Makeover a Furniture Piece. This inspirational image comes from House to Home, featuring a wallpaper by UK based Clarke & Clarke.

Distressed Wood Wall Paper

Weathered Wood Wallpaper

How to Use Wallpaper on Furniture | Example Dresser or Chest
Here's a great idea how to use wallpaper on furniture. Instead of Painting a Chest with Faux Wood Planks to give it the Weathered Look, cover it with wallpaper.

Check out this similar idea of Covering a Chest with Maps.

Wall Sticker Beach Sign
The same weathered wood panel pattern is also available as a Wall Sticker Beach Sign.