Tiny House Love -15 Small Coastal Cottages by the Sea

The adventure of tiny coastal cottage living by the sea.

tiny house California
A tiny house in California, via Homegoods Blog. What's not to love about a small coastal cottage like this. It is super charming, with lots of curb appeal, from a sailboat weathervane to a white picket fence.

There are many reason why people love tiny houses. Tiny house dwellers often enjoy more financial freedom to pursue their passions, travel, or save for the future. Tiny houses also offer a minimalist lifestyle, encouraging people to simplify and focus on what truly matters to them. And, of course, a tiny house, especially a tiny coastal cottage by the sea can serve a wonderful getaway and vacation home.  There's also something inherently cozy and intimate about a tiny coastal cottage. Plus, these tiny houses by the sea are super cute!

small coastal cottage
A simple small coastal cottage in Maine, seen on Tiny House Swoon here. In a tiny house upkeep is easy.

tiny beach shack
A small beach shack, located in the dunes outside Provincetown on Cape Cod. Picture by photographer Christopher Seufert via Flickr.

tiny coastal cottage
This tiny coastal cottage is tucked away from it all, along the Colvos Passage near Fragaria, Washington. Photo by Joel Lee from his sea kayak. Via Tiny House Swoon.

tiny Nantucket cottage
Small coastal cottage living by the sea on Nantucket island. Surely, there is no lack of cute small Cottages on Nantucket. And this cottage is for rent via Homeaway.

tiny house pink
A tiny pink house located in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Featured here.

Tiny House Rental Airbnb Florida
Tiny House Airbnb on an island in SW Florida. You can read the story of this octagon shaped tiny coastal house at the Insider

tiny cottages Martha's Vineyard
Martha's Vineyard is famous for its brightly colored gingerbread houses in Oak Bluff. And some of them are tiny. Original Source no longer available. You might also enjoy touring this and this Martha's Vineyard cottage.

tiny summer cottage
Summer cottage bliss in Denmark. Via Casa de Sabine.

Tiny Cottage Outer Banks North Carolina
Tiny Saltwood Cottage in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

tiny cottage Hawaii
This precious tiny house in Hana, Maui (Hawaii) was once a storage shed. Now it's a home. Also via Tiny House Swoon.

tiny glass dome cottage Big Sur
A view to die for. Built by Micky Muennig in 1976, this tiny house features a round floor plan favored by our ancestors, with a glass dome roof. Location, Big Sur, California. Via Inhabitat.

tiny cottages Carmel
Famous Tiny House "Hansel" in Carmel, California. This coastal cottage by the sea is a whooping 290 square feet. Via Velvet & Linen.

small coastal cottage Maine
A green coastal cottage in Maine. Seen at Dwell. It's efficient and super cozy.

tiny coastal cottage
This coastal cottage is in a cliff top location with a bird’s eye view of the sea in the UK. It's an eco-friendly cedar-clad creation, available as a vacation home via Unique Home Stays. Are you a tiny house person?

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