Tiny House Living by the Beach in Florida | Tiny House Decor

Adorable coastal theme decorated tiny houses by the beach in Florida. 

Have you ever contemplated living in a tiny house? There are some great advantages to living small. It's a life style with less stuff. Tiny houses cost much less than a regular house, and there are some awesome pre-fab tiny houses on the market. A tiny house is especially attractive in a Southern climate where you live outside most of the year, given there is a generous outdoor space. And of course, tiny houses are super cute. So here are some coastal tiny houses by the beach in Florida to tour (and to rent) starting with the Tiny Houses in Siesta Key Sarasota, Florida. The yellow lighthouse station tiny house and the pink flamingo tiny house are my favorites. Peek inside below!

Tiny House by the Beach in Florida
The decor of this tiny house is beachy perfect. From the Weathered Distressed wood floors to the rustic signs that speak of the beach. A Surfboard Table with its elongated oval shape seems to be the perfect solution for a tiny house. The Coastal Theme Curtains are a very nice touch, and a whimsical Wooden Beach Signs greets you when you come in.

Tiny Coastal Beach House
The tiny house feels surprisingly spacious. And just like what you see in most tiny houses, the bedroom is a sleeping loft above the living space.

Tiny House Bathroom Idea Beach Theme
A Gold Sunburst Mirror, Beach Theme Shower Curtain and Shell Soap Dispenser give this tiny bathroom the feel of sun, sea and sand.

Tiny Houses Florida
The design and interiors of this tiny house are inspired by Pink Flamingos.

Tiny House Interior Decor Ideas Florida Tiny Houses

This adorable tiny house by the beach is Cottage 33 at the Waterfront Fiesta Key RV Resort, located in the Florida Keys in Layton. Take a look inside below -it is bright and airy! 

Tiny House Designs and Coastal Decor
The high ceilings in tiny houses are great and make the space feel larger than it is. This tiny house is decorated with a Coastal Coral Rug and it even has a Coastal Upholstered Accent Chair. And the floor lamp is a Boat Shelf.

Tiny Beach House Living Ideas
Coastal Lamps and a Beach Pillow with Words give the bright and airy bedroom just enough beach charm. 

Tiny Houses in Florida
The bathroom of this tiny house has a generously designed vanity. To add the beach, they hung Coastal Art

Tiny House with Beach Theme
And this is Blue Shonsie Tiny House by 84 Lumbar. It's a beach theme decorated tiny house on wheels that you can purchase made by 84 Lumbar. To check it out, click on the link above. 

And last but not least, a private tiny house on St. George island, Florida's forgotten coast, called Our Little Secret. The owners had their tiny house custom built by a builder in Tampa for about $50,000. The tiny house is on wheels, so it’s technically an RV. You can take it on a road trip or move it to a secure location in case of a hurricane. You can view more pictures on Facebook.

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