Stylish Ideas for Garden Flamingos | Yard Decor

Garden flamingos can be a happy addition to an outdoor or indoor space.

classic pink garden flamingos
Garden flamingos go especially well with a tropical or retro theme, or a chic preppy Palm Beach look. So here are a few stylish displays, and online shopping sources for garden flamingos. The original garden flamingos are designed by artist Don Featherstone (in 1957) with his signature molded underneath metal legs, realistic black and yellow plastic eyes, painted beaks and lots of feather texture. Seen here.

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garden flamingos on lawn
The flamingos are made in the USA, first by Union Products (until 2006) and now by Cado Products. The garden flamingos are generally sold in sets of two, one holding its head erect, nearly 3 feet high, the other bending over as if looking for food. Original picture source unknown.

pink flamingo party idea
A pink inspired party via Southern Living.

garden flamingos
These pink flamingos brighten up a courtyard, seen here.
tall garden flamingo ornaments in flower pots
A shed flanked by pink flamingo garden ornaments. Via Design Files.

Pink Garden Flamingo Statues Decor Ideas
Pink garden flamingos at the Florida Blog Cabin 2014.

DIY Pink Plastic Statue Planters
Pink garden flamingos turned into planters. Just carve out a space for a pot! Original source no longer available. See all Coastal Planter & Pot Ideas.

painted garden flamingos
A flock of classic flamingos painted gold populates the lawn. Original source unknown.

white flamingo garden sculpture
A white flamingo graciously greets you at this cheerful entry. Featured on Sunny Yellow Decor for a Coastal Summer Look.

A feathered flamingo sculpture. Via Est Magazine.

Decorative metal flamingos from Overstock.

Pink garden flamingos on display in a window, via Flickr.