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Make a gorgeous sea glass wind chime that catches the light of the summer sun! If you don't have sea glass on hand, simply use Machine Tumbled Glass Sold in Stores (it comes in all the colors of the ocean). So here are 6 inspiring examples of differently constructed sea glass sun catchers.

sea glass sun catcher chime
A Sea Glass Wind Chime made with the inner circles of two different sized embroidery hoops. For this projects string was used and E6000 glue anywhere you have a knot on the rings.

sea glass sun catcher made with driftwood
Rubish Revival makes her sea glass wind chimes with driftwood and ties the pieces with fishing line. You can see lots of gorgeous examples posted on Flickr.

sea glass sun catcher
Handy eye screws are used for this artistic sea glass sun catcher by Artisanne. Want to try this? Learn how to Wire Wrap Beach Sea Glass!

small glass sun catcher
I love this mini sun catcher too! Made by Beachcomber Jewelry.

drill sea glass to make sun catcher
A sea glass sun catcher constructed by Saltwater Sassy. Holes are Drilled to best highlight the individual color and shape of all the pieces.

make sun catcher with bead thread
And the previously featured Sea Glass Chime made by Diane from Home Sweet Home. An elegant sun catcher where sea glass pieces are individually hung from driftwood with bead thread. To create this you'll need to drill holes into your pieces as well.

Make sure to hang your sea glass chime in a sunny spot! Indoors or outside. White Space White Space

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