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Gorgeous sea glass hangings that catch the light of the sun, also known as suncatchers & chimes. 

Seaglass Hanging Suncatcher

Single strand seaglass suncatchers that hang from a driftwood piece. Perfect to hang on the wall where the sunlight hits.
sea glass sun catcher made with driftwood

Multiple strands of seaglass, strung together with with fishing line.

sea glass sun catcher
Handy eye screws are used for this artistic sea glass sun catcher by ArtisanneWant to try this? Learn how to Wire Wrap Beach Sea Glass!

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Genuine seaglass, and man tumbled seaglass that captures the look and feel of real seaglass.

small glass sun catcher
A mini mini sea glass sun catcher chime. Original source no longer available.

sea glass sun catcher chime

This seaglass wind chime is made with two different sized embroidery hoops. For this projects string was used and E6000 glue anywhere you have a knot on the rings.

drill sea glass to make sun catcher
A sea glass sun catcher constructed by Saltwater Sassy that requires to Drill Holes.

make sun catcher with bead thread
 DIY Sea Glass Chime

Made with individually hung sea glass pieces and bead thread. This sea glass chime also requires drilling holes.

Drilled Seaglass Pieces with Holes for Crafting
Norwester Seaglass
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Hang your sea glass chime or suncatcher in a sunny spot to fully enjoy the play of light & colors.