Wire Wrap Beach Sea Glass

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Learn how to wire wrap beach Sea Glass to make decorations for your home.

wire wrap beach glass
Wire wrapping is one of the oldest techniques for making jewelry by hand. And you can use this technique to make decorations for your home. Via Picasa.

wire wrap seaglass
Here a chandelier is adorned with wire wrapped beach sea glass pieces.

seaglass chandelier
And speaking of chandeliers. A chandelier that is all hand-wired and assembled using nothing but wire and seaglass. Photographed by Danny who made the Wire Picture Holders that Rock.

Seaglass Wall Sconce
Cute little wall sconce that is decorated with wire wrapped seaglass pieces seen in a Tybee Island Beach Cottage featured on House of Turquoise.

sea glass wrap chime
You could also work beach sea glass into beautiful chimes like artist Tim Kline does.

wire wrap beach glass
Wire pieces together into a mobile, seen on Fibre Frolics.

making a sea glass wreath
Or take inspiration from Sue Gray's Sea Glass Wreaths.

beach sea glass Christmas ornaments
Or perhaps start wire wrapping for Christmas! Featured last year here.

Want to try? I found three how to "wire wrap beach sea glass" tutorials that will get you started. They are for jewelry pieces, but I think they still teach you some basics that you can apply to anything.

wire wrap beach sea glass turorial
How to Wire Wrap a Sea Glass Necklace

seaglass pendant
How to Wire Wrap a Simple Sea Glass Pendant

how to make sea glass pendant
How to Make a Sea Glass Pendant
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