coastal decor and crafts

Nautical Porthole Mirror Gallery Walls

Brighten up a space with a mirror Gallery Wall. A Porthole Mirror gallery wall in this example. But it can be anything that fits the coastal life style. A group of Nautical Rope Mirrors, Seashell Mirrors, Driftwood Mirrors, a collection of rustic wood frame mirrors, or other coastal themed mirrors. I will show examples of other Mirror walls as I find them!

porthole mirror gallery wall staircase

Coastal and Nautical Luxury Designer Pillows

Dive into luxury with these coastal and nautical designer pillows from the Designer Pillow Shop. There are hundreds of pillows to choose from!

Luxury Coastal Designer Pillows

DIY Coastal Fabric Headboard Ideas

Make the headboard of your bed a stunning coastal theme focal point! Here are some great DIY coastal fabric headboard ideas for inspiration!

Coral Fabric Headboard

Chic Nautical and Coastal Wallpaper (some even removable)

A chic nautical or coastal wallpaper is a great way to create a stunning Accent Wall or an outstanding Bathroom! Here are just a few great designs from Burke's Nautical and Coastal Wallpaper Collection that I like, including a lovely and subtle anchor wallpaper that's removable.

Nautical Map Wallpaper

Top DIY Nautical Coastal Beach Pillow Ideas & Tutorials -Make a Pillow from Scratch or Spruce one up!

Whether you make a coastal pillow from scratch or spruce up a bland pillow that you already have, you will end up with a cool one of a kind nautical coastal beach pillow that fits your style and decor. So here's a round up of top DIY coastal pillow ideas with tutorials!

Decorative Coastal Drains for Sink and Shower

Create a little surprise and wow factor in the bathroom (or kitchen) with a decorative coastal drain. An unexpected and delightful touch from the sea to add to your sink, as well as shower!

Decorative Coastal Drains for Sinks by Link a Sink

Coastal Decor Sale Events (President's Day)

Shop at Completely Coastal partner stores -You can save big during their President's Day Sale Events! So sit back and explore their coastal offerings. Enjoy and have a great day!

Cute Octopus Decor

The octopus is a well loved sea creature in the design world, and I adore all the friendly Octopus Decor. Here are some octopus designs for the home that are really cute and chic at the same time! Some will make you smile!

Cute Octopus Tray