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Nautical Home Accessories for Inside & Out | A Salute to the Classic Nautical Colors of Blue, White & Red

Add a salty touch to your home with colorful nautical home accessories! The classic Nautical Colors of blue, white and red are also Patriotic colors which makes these nautical home accessories perfect for your Memorial Day and 4th of July celebration!

Decorative Painted Replica Buoys

The Relaxed Nautical Style Home of Designer Tara Dennis

Australian designer and TV presenter Tara Dennis showed us how to create a gorgeous abstract sea painting here, now take a peek inside her relaxed nautical style home!

DIY Fish Net Jars

These fish net jars just became another Favorite Beach Jar Idea! They look awesome and are so easy to make since a decorative fish net is used. Unlike the Rope Net Bottles which require some knot tying skills!

Fish Net Jar

Coastal & Nautical Mirrors | 9 Favorites

I love mirrors. Big and small. A large coastal or nautical mirror can hang as a statement piece over the sofa or mantel, while smaller mirrors can bring interest to a narrower wall space, impress as a grouping or be integrated into an eclectic Gallery Wall. Mirrors bring light and dimension to a space, and these mirrors also celebrate the coast and the sea.

Large Driftwood Mirror in Bathroom

DIY Driftwood Sphere

Crate & Barrel's driftwood spheres have inspired this creative DIY project. A great knock off!

Driftwood Sphere

Top Backyard and Garden Decor Ideas for Coastal Style Living

Here are my top backyard ideas for coastal style living! These backyard ideas are fun, creative, whimsical, and sandy.

Beach Bonfire Backyard

Colorful Coastal Art Pillows, Trays, Towels, Napkins and more by Lemondaisy Design

Artist Leslie Flanagan of Lemondaisy Design paints colorful, whimsical impressions of the coast, available as framed art, pillows, wooden trays, towels and napkins, as well as note cards. Here are just a few of Leslie's gorgeous designs!

Coastal Art Pillows

Colorful Outdoor Coastal & Nautical Pillows

Coastal and nautical pillows that will add a big punch of color to your porch or patio. These outdoor pillows will Turn your Outdoor Space into a Happy Seaside Oasis!

Pink Flip Flops Pillow

Nautical Mantel Decor Ideas that are Simple, Bold and Chic

The trick to a simple, bold and chic nautical mantel is picking a single large item that fills up the entire space, and leave it at that. Here are three great examples!

Nautical Mantel with Ship Wheel