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DIY Jellyfish Lamps

Jellyfish have roamed the seas for over 500 million years and they almost have an out of this word quality to them. Their mysterious translucency and glow is captured in these jellyfish lamps! These are two kinds of DIY jellyfish lamps. One made with white plastic bowls, the other made with paper lanterns.

jellyfish lamps


Lush Living with Tropical Living Room Decor

If your dream getaway is a tropical island, why wait? Create the essence of it in your home. These tropical living rooms feel like a permanent vacation, and make it easy to relax. The rooms are filled with lush greens and tropical colors, grass textures, bamboo and other warm materials.


Coastal & Nautical Melamine Plates & Dinnerware for Outdoor Entertaining

Dive into the warm weather with coastal and nautical melamine plates and dinnerware! They're great for outdoor entertaining and to bring to a Beach Picnic!

sea plates Pottery Barn


20 Top Favorite Coastal Outdoor Living Ideas for Porch & Garden

Without a doubt, the best thing about warmer temperatures is outdoor living, enjoying nature and the air. Whether a garden or a porch, these coastal outdoor living ideas help you create a getaway space that feels like a vacation. This is a round up of top favorite ideas that range from buoys, to blue porch floors, to creative water features. Enjoy the outdoors!

nautical fence idea with buoys


Coastal & Nautical Easter Eggs & Easter Shells

Since I'm vegan, if I paint anything for Easter, it's faux eggs or shells. And I found some shells that capture the spirit of Easter beautifully! But first let's look at some gorgeous and creative coastal and nautical Easter eggs!

nautical Easter eggs


Awesome Porch & Garden Planters with a Coastal and Nautical Theme

Here's a round up of some really awesome and creative garden planter ideas with a coastal and nautical theme. Surfboard included!

Who would have thought that a chair makes such a fabulous garden planter, especially when all embellished with seashells that you found on the beach. Featured here.


Make Footprints in the Sand Wall Art

Bring home some sand from the beach and make footprints in the sand wall art. For little feet, big feet, or pooch paws! A great project to celebrate the summer or to memorize an amazing beach vacation (which I hope you'll have or already had).

make footprints in sand art


Create a Gallery Wall with Beach Box Signs from Primitives by Kathy

I love beach signs but have never seen them as a Gallery Wall Display. Until now! This gallery wall is created with beach box signs from Primitives by Kathy.

beach box sign gallery wall
Some of the box signs are just deep enough to make cute small shelves too. Via Pinterest.


Coastal Decorations & Furnishings from The Simple Life Decor

Bring calm beachiness to your home with furnishings and decorations from The Simple Life Decor Store! Founder and CEO Wendy Schultz created The Simple Life Decor out of the desire for simplicity and a stress free environment for herself. She sure is not the only one who turns to the beach for serenity! So take a look! Here are some of my favorite coastal decorations.

A lovely set of Sea Life Statues.