The Hots for Beach Huts | Tiny Houses by the Sea

In Britain, beach huts are considered real estate.

Beach HutThe British love their Beach Huts and there are around 20,000 of them dotting the coastline, but this nowhere near satisfies demand, and prices have escalated to silly heights.

Beach HutsWhile the huts began life during the Victorian era as a place for bathers to change into their stripey swimsuits, they are now a national treasure and considered real estate. Most of the beach huts are just for shelter and storing your beach gear. Via NY Times.

residential beach hutsBut some larger "residential huts" can be found in certain locations, and the owners are allowed to stay overnight between February and October. Via.

Beach Hut Interior"Beach huts are small but for a lot of us they're the nearest thing we get to second homes", says an owner in a recent interview with the Independent.

beach huts posterAnd the cost? Like with any real estate, it depends on location. In hot spots like Mudeford, Dorset pre-recession beach hut prices hit £150,000 for the sleep in versions. Via