Nautical Decorating with authentic Fishing Glass Floats

Decorate Nautical with authentic fishing glass floats.

fishing glass float
Although fishing glass floats for commercial fishing haven't been made since the 1960's, they can still be found along the beaches of North America, coming all the way from Japan.

Have you ever found a beautiful authentic fishing glass float like this? Seen here. A fishing glass float, complete with rope netting, barnacles, even tiny little crabs attached to one side. Most of the floats existing today originated from Japan because of its large deep sea fishing. They were used to keep the fishing nets afloat. When a float broke free, it started a long journey along Pacific surface currents, from Japan up to the Aleutians and down the West Coast. Asian fishing glass floats have been washing ashore since 1920. They were made from recycled glass and are easy to identify compared with later varieties. They have flaws in the glass or thousands of bubbles in the oldest floats.

authentic fishing glass floats
Some people fly to remote beaches in Alaska to search for authentic fishing glass floats in areas that present themselves to the Japanese Current.

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Luckily many antique floats are just a click away.

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There is an abundance of colorful reproductions available as well. Click on the link below to make sure you are buying authentic fishing glass floats.