Unique Coastal Homes

9 very unique coastal homes. Special, awesome, or perhaps a little bit odd, you be the judge.

Unique Coastal Ship Home
A ship brought to land. After fifty years of service on the Great Lakes this vessel built by Henry Ford became The Ship Residence, a private home on South Bass Island.

boat shaped home
Unique coastal home that reflects the owners seafaring career as captain of many vessels with panoramic views over Tasman Bay in New Zealand.

Do you see this unique coastal home? Camouflaged by boulders this house is a low-lying structure, tucked into a cove off the coast of Corsica, France. Source unknown.

Clingstone island home
A house on a rock, a very unique island home I think, appropriately named Clingstone, located in Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay.

Does your Home have a name?

unique modern coastal home
Living on the edge in a Cliff House.

small pink home
An adorable tiny pink home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Source unknown.

seashell house
The Shell House in Isla Mujeres off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. It's a vacation rental!

Famed hurricane resistant Dome Home in Pensacola Beach, Florida, featured on HGTV's Xtreme Buildings in 2007.

condo home on a ship
And a condo on The World, a private residential community on a seafaring ship with 165-units, this one being the largest with five bedrooms, two kitchens and a 150-square-foot veranda.

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