Does your Home have a Name? Over 30 Coastal Beach House Names!

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Does your home has a name? I have seen some seaside homes in my neighborhood and online that sport some really cool house names. The names are written on small decorative plaques, and rustic signs that bring personality and charm to the homes. These ideas might inspire you to give your house a name!

House Names for Seaside & Coastal Style Houses & Cottages

beach house names
Cliff Cottage

plaque with house name
Cliff Haven
Bot, Cliff Cottage and Cliff Haven are overlooking the ocean in Rhode Island. The beach house names reflect the location.

wall sign with beach house name
Cozy Cottage 
Looks cozy indeed,  and is surrounded by blue hydrangeas. The house name seems to express the home's beloved characteristics.

beach house name sign
The Lookout
The perfect house name for this abode, overlooking marshland and water.

wall sign with house name
Although this home is in dire need of TLC, the house does offer a sweeping view over the sea.

beach house name in French
Sea La Vie
A French beach house name plays with the expression "c'est la vie" which means "that's life." An abode that belongs to a French philosopher or poet perhaps?

nautical house name
A nautical house name. Seadog, a term for a very experienced sailor. The owner perhaps?

beach house name vitamin sea
Who couldn't use a daily dose of vitamin sea!

Great Coastal Beach House Names

Submitted by readers in the comment section.

My Galveston house is named Little Caper, because I love all of the Cape Cod homes.

I have a beach house built in the 1930,s in a sleepy little fishing town in Northern New South Wales in Australia its name is GULL COTTAGE.

We've named our house in Florida...Casa Viola...the purple house and IS purple! by Lavender Dreams.

I loved my father-in-law's name of his house that was across the road from the Atlantic Ocean in FLORIDA...he called it the "Sea Gem".

Here are just a sampling of the fun "beach house" names at a community near where I live in Seabrook, WA:

The Lost Lobster, The Little Pearl, Family Tides, Kite Tails & Sand Pails, Happy Days
Playing'Hooky, Sea's the Day, Sea to Shining Sea, Sand in the Toes, A Shore Thing, Anchors Away, Seaclusion.

Greetings from New Zealand - We operate a holiday letting company - We love naming a bach (pronnced batch - new zealand term for holiday home) to give it own identity, heres a few of our samples:

pennies from heaven, long summer luches, one oar missing, 2 fat ducks, aye sea u, sea esta, seas the moment, reel paradise, peanuts place, number 5, all decked out, relax inn. White Space

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