Raising the Flags -Decorating Ideas with Nautical Signal Flags

Be bold and raise the flags inside and outside your home! Here are a few decorating ideas and sources where to buy.

hanging nautical signal flags on ceiling
This is the "groom shack" of the Mallard Island Yacht Club in New Jersey. But it might as well be a living room dressed up with nautical signal flags for a party.

nautical signal flags in bathroom
Decorating with a set of 1950s nautical signal flags from South France.

hanging signal flags in dining room
Flags complete the ship ambiance in this sitting area (same source as above).

A dining room featured at here. The flags represent the letters of the alphabet and you can spell spell out something with them.

large vintage signal flag
Then going oversize with an outdated allied signal flag design that stands for the number 4, seen at Apartment Therapy.

A bold example of raising the flags in a "lofty" bedroom, spotted here.

Raising nautical signal flags Outdoors. So where can you buy them?

nautical signal flags
Pottery Barn carries strands of eight flags modeled after those used by ships at sea.

vintage nautical signal flag
Or get the real deal and look for vintage nautical signal flags on Ebay!

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