Nautical Decor Ideas & Interior Design Elements

Nautical Decor Interior Room Design Guide

Capture the Spirit of the High Seas

Just like the Coastal Decor & Design Guide, this guide will give you all the information you need to bring nautical interior design elements to your home and create beautiful nautical style rooms. Images: Buoys, Signal Flags, Life Preservers, Living Rooms, Dining Room.

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When it comes to nautical decor, you can be literal about it and use themed accents and accessories; go with the Nautical Color Scheme only; or combine both design elements in a balanced fashion.

Colors of the High Seas 

Nautical decor and design is all about capturing the spirit of the high seas, taking inspiration from the vast deep blue sea and white boats gliding across it. Dark blue and crisp white are the colors mostly associated with nautical decor and nautical interior design. This classic color combo will never go out of style, no matter how it's done -modern and tailored, or relaxed and casual. But nautical decor colors are not limited to blue and white. There are other colors. Think nautical signal flags, life preserver rings, buoys, lighthouses, and colorful sail palettes.You see a lot of red, as well as yellow and black.

How to Anchor your Style

Commonly used Nautical Decor and design elements are anchors, model yachts, oars, porthole mirrors, ship wheels, navigational maps,compass rose designs, signal flags, rope, fishing glass floats and buoys, as well as lighthouses and maritime art. Anything you can think of that's related to life at sea. To narrow it down, tune into what you love most about the high seas and use that for your nautical decor inspiration.

Answer the questions below to determine your favorite nautical design elements.

Are you passionate about boats?
Use a model yacht as your big statement piece. Then add nautical accessories that expand on the theme. Salvaged items from retired ships for example.

Does the sight of the wide open sea speak to your soul?
Bring it home with a great ocean picture. Use the art as inspiration for the rest of the nautical decor scheme.

Does the life of a ship captain spark your imagination?
What would his home look like after years spent exploring the world?

Do you dream of cruising the seas to faraway places?
Bring the experience to your home and create a room that feels like a ship cabin. A small office space, den or bathroom is the perfect space to bring this nautical design element to live.

Do you love harbors?
Watching the coming and going of large vessels. Perhaps even trying to guess a ship's home port and where it's headed next? A cool life preserver ring from a foreign ship might capture that feeling for you.

No matter where you live, you can bring the essence of the high seas to your home with nautical decor and nautical interior design elements.

Nautical Design with AI

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