21 Nautical Living Room Decor & Interior Design Ideas

A selection of favorite nautical living room decor and interior design ideas.

Elegant Nautical Living Room Design Idea

Elegant nautical living room design idea from a Hamptons home, 

Nautical designer living rooms to inspire your own nautical living room decor. Deep blue hues, crisp  whites, pops of red, elegant navy stripes, and lots of nautical theme motifs make up these beautiful living rooms. From bold blue and white nautical living room design ideas to cozy nautical cottage living rooms. And while blue and white is the most classic and popular nautical decor style, there are some designer interiors that show examples of neutral nautical living room designs using pastel blue and sandy beige.

Nautical Themed Living Room with Navy Striped Rug
Sailor chic stripes. Nautical living room design idea by Victoria Hagan,
featured at Elle Decor.

Navy Blue Nautical Living Room Interior Design Idea
Navy blue nautical living room interior design idea from a Nantucket Summer Home on Houzz.

Nautical Living Room Design Idea with Navy Stripe Rug
Nautical Navy Blue Living Room anchored on a striking striped rug.
Dramatic striped rugs are a popular nautical living room design idea. 

Small Nautical Living Room Ideas
Cozy nautical cottage living room with knotty pine walls, 

nautical cottage living room decor ideas

Navy Blue Stripe Sofa Idea for Nautical Living Room Decor
Navy blue and white Nautical Living Room Decor Idea with a modern edge 
from Serenea & Lily.

Cabana Stripe Sofa Decor Idea for Nautical Design
Nautical living room idea, featured on Grand Chandeliers 
for Coastal & Nautical Style Living.

nautical navy blue and white living room ideas
Elegant cottage style, featured on 10 Bold Nautical Navy Blue Room Paint Ideas.

Nautical Living Room with Navy Blue Sofa from Pottery Barn
Nautical Navy Blue Sofa & Decor at Pottery Barn

coastal living room
Nautical Living Room idea from Pottery Barn with navy blue sectional
and wicker coffee table.

>Red and Blue Nautical Living Room Interior Design Idea
Nautical beach cottage living room design idea with blue and red by Warren Sheets,
featured on Blue Sofa Decor Ideas.

red, blue and white nautical living room idea
Nautical living room idea in Blue, Red and White Nautical Colors
featured on Stylish Coffee Tables.

nautical living room with Saturn Rope Chandelier
Elegant nautical living room with eye-catching Rope Chandelier Pendant Light.

Nautical Living Room Design with Beige, Blue and White
Simple neutral nautical living room decor idea that incorporates blue navy stripes
on Roman Shades and pillows. Original source unknown.

Coastal Nautical Living Room Interior Inspiration
Small nautical living room idea, featured on Interior Inspiration from Wayfair.

Beige Neutral Nautical Living Room Idea with Wall Oars
Nautical living room idea in sandy beige with Wall Oars from Pottery Barn.

small nautical cottage living room idea
Small cottage living room, featured on Pastel Blue Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas.

nautical living room idea with boat coffee table
Warm traditional style, featured on Boat Theme Decor.

Rustic nautical cottage living room idea from a Historic New England Cottage.

Nautical New England Style Decorating Ideas

Nautical Living Room Idea with Rope Floor Lamp
Bright nautical living room decor idea, featured on 

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