DIY Seashell Wall Art Decor Ideas | Mounting Shells on Wood Planks

Mounting shells on wood planks is an easy, rustic chic DIY Seashell Wall Art decor idea that you can pull off with scrap wood, or better even, with a great piece of driftwood.

In the Mood for Design

Arrange shells and other beach finds on wood planks to design your wall art. You can attach shells with small nails and/or a strong glue like gorilla glue.

Seashell Art on Wood Board
Shell Wall Decor Art

Arrange and hang your DIY seashell wall art vertically or horizontally. Space out your shells in a way that feels right to your eye.

DIY Shell Art on Wood
Hamptons NY Beach Crafts on Etsy

Experiment with different shell arrangements and patterns to create visually interesting designs. A composition of the same type of shells is always visually stunning, similar to a Display of a Collection.

Shell Wood Art

Seashell Wood Wall Art
Use a single wood plank to mount one large shell. You can really highlight a shell with this simple idea way and turn it into a personal piece of art. This is a nice Original source unknown.

Sand Dollars Mounted on Wood

DIY Wood Plank Wall Art with Beach Finds
Whatever sea treasures you find on the beach, you can create a gorgeous piece of wood wall art that you can hang or lean. I so happen to have a collection of sand dollars as well. They wash up on a sand bank out on Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL. I mounted the sand dollars on a tall vertical board, beginning with the largest one.

Starfish Wood Wall Art Decor Idea
Domestic Ingenuity

This wood wall art plank showcases DIY Salt Dough Starfish

Seashell on Wood Wall Hanging
Shell Wall Hanging on Wood Idea from Effys Creations

And to make your seashell wall art match your decor color, simply paint the wood plank you are going to mount the seashells on. I also like the eye screw hanging idea used for this small piece.

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