Starfish Salt Dough Craft -Decorations, Garlands and Ornaments

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What have you been baking in your kitchen? After seeing these you'll be baking decorative salt dough starfish! They make great decorations, garlands, and Christmas ornaments!

salt dough starfish

Salt dough starfish have a lot of personality!

craft starfish with salt dough
Only few ingredients are needed. 2 cups all-purpose flour, 1 cup salt and cold water -plus your imagination. For the full tutorial, head over to Bird's Party! No forms/cookie cutters are used, just mold the dough to resemble a starfish. The finished shapes can be air dried or baked, then made smooth with find grid sand paper, and you can paint them too.

handmade dough starfish
But there is more than one way to make starfish salt dough decorations. Ann Kay Home mixes an equal amount of salt and flour, and doesn't form a ball but single "sausages" that she then puts together in a star shape. "A tiny amount of water helps to smoothen the surface to avoid visible seams. And I use a fork to prick the holes," she says.

salt dough starfish garland
String them up into a Garland and Hang them -pretty!

salt dough Christmas ornmant
Or turn your salt dough starfish into Christmas ornaments! By Lily and Bliss.

Starfish Salt Dough Christmas Ornament
And another example of a great salt dough Christmas ornament by Elizabeth Joan Designs.

starfish salt dough ornament
They look cute with ribbons too! By The Space in Between. White Space White Space

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