Shop Ocean Friendly Faux Starfish Decor | Resin, Wood and others

Here are some great Ocean Friendly starfish to buy for your decor.

Faux White Resin Starfish

Faux starfish sold in sets, in different styles and sizes.
Many look so real and life like that you can't tell the difference. 

Life like resin starfish in white, blue, orange

Starfish Decor & Craft Ideas
Display, Framing & Hanging Ideas

Decorative Starfish on Rope Hanger

white resin finger starfish

clay starfish

Realistic looking clay starfish that you can alter if you wish. Paint them and add glitter, for example.

Starfish and Shell Vase Fillers
mini starfish

Ceramic Starfish

You can view these starfish figurines used as coffee table top decor in one of the Coastal Cottages at Ocean Isle.

cast iron starfish

These faux starfish make for perfect paper and napkin weights.

silver starfish
Add sparkle with metallic starfish.

Painted Wood Starfish Decor
Call yourself fortunate if you find a real starfish washed ashore, for everyone, search the growing selection of ocean friendly starfish replicas.

Starfish Decor Ideas
A Selection of Starfish Decor Ideas