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I don't buy real starfish for reasons explained here, so I'm happy to sea more ocean friendly starfish decor pop up in stores!

Faux White Resin Starfish

The great thing about faux starfish is that they come in different styles and sizes, and many look so real that you can't tell the difference. Like these Faux White Starfish from Designs by Embellish. They are sold in a set of 10.

white resin finger starfish
Look for Faux Resin Starfish on Ebay.

clay starfish
Faux life like Clay Starfish from the Crickleberry Cottage, sold as a set of 6 or 25.

wood starfish
Pottery Barn's Wood Carved Starfish with personality that you can hang on the wall.

mini starfish
And Mini Starfish to add to a vase. They all evoke a beachy feeling just like the real ones!

Ceramic Starfish
A Set of Ceramic Starfish from Bed Bath & Beyond's Coastal Home Accents Collection. They were used as coffee table top decor in one of the Coastal Cottages at Ocean Isle.

cast iron starfish
Colorful Cast Iron Starfish from By the Seashore Decor. You can choose from a variety of colors, and use them as paper or napkin weights!

silver starfish
For sparkle and shine, go with metal starfish or ones that have a silvery finish. You can find them at Caron's Beach House and Coastal Style Gifts.

painted wood starfish
I'm loving these whimsical Painted Wood Starfish too. Made by Folky Creations.

starfish sculpture for outdoors
And these are Light Reflective Starfish that can be used outdoors! Sold at Hayneedle. Laser cut of quality steel and powder coated, they are rust resistance and very durable. The vibrant colors come from an infusion process which features light reflections with dimension, giving it a unique effect.

Call yourself fortunate if you find a real starfish washed ashore, for everyone else there's a growing selection of ocean friendly replicas!

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