Coastal Wood Cutouts Wall Decor Art | Mermaids, Whales, Starfish & more

Start your search for gorgeous and eye catching coastal wood cutouts at Haven America.

Coastal Wood Cutouts Wall Decor and Hook Racks Made in USA
Wood Cutouts from Haven America include Coastal Wall Decor,  Coastal Wall Racks, available in many different colors as seen on their chart.

All of Haven American's coastal wall decor is designed to look old, and weathered, like it's been hanging on the side of a barn or house for years. That said, wood cutouts feature a distressed, vintage finish. All made in USA.

Here are a few more examples of awesome coastal wood cutouts.

Wood Seahorse Wall Decor Art

Wood Crab Wall Decor
Giant wood crab cutout painted a rich dark blue as wall decor in a kitchen.

Large Wood Sand Dollar Wall Decor
Their rustic sand dollar cutout.

Playful wood octopus as wall decor in a bathroom.

Nautical Wood Cutout Wall Decor Art
And their selection of wooden cutouts also includes several nautical motifs.

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Coastal Starfish Wood Cutout Plank Wall Decor
Starfish, Seahorse & Mermaid

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