DIY Glass Globe Rope Net Ceiling Lamps

These fabulous DIY glass globe rope net ceiling lamps are inspired by the intriguing and beautiful Japanese fishing floats.

DIY Glass Globe Rope Net Ceiling Lamps
Inspired by this glass float, designer Kara Paslay converted ordinary glass globe lights into extraordinary rope net lamps. To achieve this great nautical glass float look, simply tie rope around a glass globe lamp.

Glass Globe Rope Net Ceiling Lights
Before Kara started to tie the rope net around the lamp she painted the white glass green for a more authentic look. This, of course, is optional. She used green transparent glass paint from Michaels.

Do do this, you start off with a rope circle on top of the glass globe. Tape it down to keep it in place. Tie 4 pieces of rope (doubled) onto the circle. Then take one piece from each rope pair and tie knots with the rope piece next to it, and continue to separate the rope pairs and tie knots as you work your way down the globe. For detailed step by step photos and instruction, head over to Kara's Blog.