How to Recycle Bottles for Coastal Beach Decor | 19 Beachy Bottle Ideas

Transform ordinary bottles into attractive decorative bottles or fill attractive bottles with sand and shells.

How to Recycle Bottles for Coastal Beach Decor
Recycling bottles is a sea-worthy undertaking. You can recycle decorative bottles, such as antique vintage bottles, or ordinary bottles, from liquor bottles to wine bottles. You can turn any bottle into a coastal beach accent! So here are some great inspirational ideas how to recycle bottles coastal beach style.

Decorative Blue Organic Ocean Vodka Bottle Beach Shell Decor Idea
Liquor bottles can be adorable, like this Organic Ocean Vodka that comes in a tilted round blue glass bottle.

Recycling old Bottles for Coastal Decor
Make Old Bottles Look Glamorous by creating a display with a lot of bling. These recycled old bottles are Filled with Sand, little shells, and Photos.

Frosted Bottles, Medicine Bottles, Whiskey Bottles & More

You could make something like this with florals from the craft store that resemble sea fans, similar to these DIY Faux Coral Species -you wont't believe that they are not real!    

Net Jute Bottles DIY
Bottles with Rope Net by Cameo Cottage Designs. Beautifully netted bottles enhanced with some bling.

vintage beach bottles
DIY Vintage Beach Bottles by Sharlotte's Reflections. Bondo, a two part mixture that repairs the body of a car, was used to hold the shells. Apparently that stuff dries fast and solid like a rock. You can hold the shells in place for the drying time.

message in a bottle table centerpiece
Create your own message in a bottle. In this case multiple clear bottles with messages inside were used as Table Decor. Via 100 Layered Cake.

Recycled blue Bottle with Starfish
A Blue Sapphire Gin bottle recycled into a cute beachy bottle topped with a Starfish. Via Pinterest.

DIY seaglass bottles
Painting Old Clear Bottles in seaglass colors.

Spray Paint Sea Glass Wine Bottle
Easier even. Spray Paint Bottles with Krylon Sea Glass, available in blue, green and white. What a gorgeous Oceanic Vase this bottle makes. Original source unknown.

And should you be so lucky to have a huge seaglass collection, fill a clear glass bottle with it! Via Pinterest.  Original source unknown.

Decorative Wine bottle Decor Idea
Next time you go wine shopping, look for a few decorative bottles. Then, after you enjoyed the wine, use the bottles to create a beachy vignette. To learn more, head over to the Songbird Blog.

Decoupage Old Bottle
Decoupage an Old Bottle with paper napkins that have a coastal motif on them.

Beach Bottle Table Centerpiece
A bright beachy approach for a Bottle Table Centerpiece, using resin starfish and shells as bottle toppers.

shell bottle
My Painted Mini Wine Bottles, one topped with a scallop shell, the other with a large piece of seaglass.

Decorative Wine Bottles with String Lights and Shell Toppers
Decorative wine bottles with string lights inside, topped with seashells. I used one single string and just pushed parts of it into each bottle. Each shell is lit up too.

Decorative Coastal Wine Bottles
Decorative wine bottle idea from Home Depot. These decorative coastal bottles are lit with battery operated lights. They fit well into bottles since they are tiny.

Christmas Light Bottle
And a creative Seaglass Wine Bottle with Lights. Another great idea is to take a wine bottle with a pretty label such as the Seaglass wine and turn it into coastal decor. The bottles is filled with seaglass, plus lights.

Turn Wine Bottle into Tiki Torch Oil Lamp
Or turn up the heat and convert your Wine Bottles into Tiki Torch Oil Lamps.