Where to Buy Sea Glass for Crafting and Jewelry Making

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People have asked me where they can buy sea glass. So here are my thoughts on it and a few sources where to buy sea glass, both ocean tumbled and machine tumbled.

buy sea glass for craftting

While sea glass jewelry makers use authentic ocean tumbled sea glass to create precious one of a kind pieces, artisans who create decorative items work with machine tumbled sea glass to embellish frames and other home accessories. If you are looking to use sea glass for crafting and artistic projects (meaning you need lots of pieces), you probably want machine tumbled sea glass, or it could get quite expensive. Machine tumbled sea glass feels beachy just the same, and is available in a variety of beautiful luminescent colors.

Where to buy sea glass for crafting:

Faux machine tumbled seaglass is sold in craft stores and floral stores (mostly under decorative vase fillers).

Decorative Seaglass
World Market sells Blue Seaglass and Green Seaglass in 20 oz. bags.

3 pounds Beach Glass Mix from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Seaglass for Crafting
Find Seaglass for Crafting on Amazon.

Sea Glass Vase Filler
Pottery Barn sells machine tumbled seaglass as  Sea Glass Vase Filler.

Seaglass sold by the pound by Bedrock Industries
Another sources for machine tumbled sea glass is Bedrock Industries. They sell decorative seaglass by the pound. Image of Bedrock Industries in Seattle via Caron's Beach House Blog.

buy genuine authentic sea glass

Where to buy genuine seaglass for jewelry making:

Check out Bay Treasures, West Coast Sea Glass, and Ebay. You will find many listings for real seaglass on Ebay. For example Maui Cherie sells authentic Hawaiian seaglass.

Happy crafting!
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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a fabulous post for sea glass resources! I love finding bits and pieces but I never find enough! It adds so much color and interest to seashell projects! Thanks!

Sherry Calamia said...

I live by the beach, so I collect most of my seaglass when walking on the beach. But there are harder to find colors like the cobalt blue, which are not too common. I have purchased some from craft stores, but they are not as good as the real thing. I will try some of shops you have posted… the seaglass look like they were tumbled beautifully. Thanks for sharing!

Sherri said...

I made some sea glass necklaces about 6 months ago for my etsy site and sold all but 1! I love them. I usually buy the real sea glass it just has such a nice aged look!

Lili said...

It would be hard for me to part with my favorite sea glass pieces, I guess that's why sea glass in general is a little pricey! ~Lili

Beth Martin said...

There are so many talented beach/sea glass jewelry and home accessory designer's. And I am very fortunately to near Lake Erie - beautiful beaches...beautiful beach glass, porcelain and shoreline findings!

Thank you for the kuddo's!

Dana Caffrey said...

I love making sea glass jewelries, and I'm lucky eought to live by the beach. Everyday, I see to it that I can go walking along the shore to look for unique pieces. It's also a form of my exercise and relaxation.


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