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Often seaglass is not easily found. So here are a few sources where to buy sea glass, both ocean tumbled & machine tumbled.

buy sea glass for craftting
While sea glass jewelry makers use authentic ocean tumbled sea glass to create precious one of a kind pieces, artisans who create decorative items work with machine tumbled sea glass to embellish frames and other home accessories.

If you are looking to use sea glass for crafting and artistic projects (meaning you need lots of pieces), you probably want machine tumbled sea glass, or it could get quite expensive. Machine tumbled sea glass feels beachy just the same, and is available in a variety of beautiful luminescent colors.

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Faux machine tumbled sea glass is sold in craft stores and floral stores (mostly under decorative vase fillers).

Decorative Seaglass

Seaglass Crafts

Seaglass for Crafting

Sea Glass Vase Filler
Pottery Barn sells machine tumbled seaglass as  Sea Glass Vase Filler.

Seaglass String Lights
Enchanting Seaglass String Lights for any season and any space.

Drilled Man Made Seaglass

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Where to Buy Genuine Sea Glass

Vendors that sell genuine seaglass from shores around the world.

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