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Here are 10 creative sea glass art ideas! Some are whimsical and you'll only need a few sea glass pieces to make them, while others are quite sophisticated, requiring a jar full or more.

sea glass art
Doesn't this tree say Spring? A creative sea glass art idea that includes a few driftwood sticks. So adorable. Driftwood and sea glass pieces are glued to a canvas.

framed sea glass art
And a small sea glass boat, also made by Hazel who's creations you can admire on Pinterest.

sea glass wall art
Then I found a few fun sea glass art frames with sea creatures on Ebay. This turtle cracked me up! It's just too cute.

sea glass crab
Or create a sea glass crab! Sand was glued to the backing to give these framed sea glass art pieces an extra beachy vibe.

sea glass anchor
For this sea glass anchor, the fabric was stretched over a wooden frame. The trick is to use a lot of glue, to make sure that everything sticks. You can learn more about this project here.

sea glass fish
Find a unique artsy wall hanging and embellish it with sea glass, like Shari of Beach Grass Cottage did with this whimsical metal fish. It's still available in her store!

sea glass art idea by Martha Stewart
Even mushrooms can make nice Sea Glass Wall Art! This idea comes from Martha Stewart and she uses a piece of slate. The sea glass is adhered with contact cement, such as E6000.

sea glass art
If gallery style Sea Glass Art is more your thing, this is a beautiful example. To achieve a sophisticated look, arrange the sea glass pieces on a canvas in a compelling design. Make sure to use enough glue and let dry before you stand the frame up. For details, follow the link!

diy sea glass wall art
Another gorgeous example of framed Sea Glass Art.

sea glass window
And if you happen to have an Old Window Frame in your basement, you could turn it into a luminous sea glass art piece. This way you get to enjoy the colors sparkle in the light. Instead of an old window frame, you can, of course, simply use a glass frame. Just remove the backing and glue pieces to the glass. I think I want to give this a try! Source for this is no longer available. White Space White Space

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