Stunning Sea Glass Mosaic DIY Ideas

Stunning Seaglass mosaic creations that are a mix of real and man tumbled sea glass. In some cases it's hard to tell which is which.

glue sea glass to window
If you needed a privacy window, in a bathroom for example, a sea glass window like this would be gorgeous. Made by Robin Pierson.

make suncatcher with old window
An Old Window Frame becomes a one of a kind suncatcher. Featured here. Original source no longer available.

To glue your sea glass to a window, make sure to use glue that dries clear, such as Weldbond Glue which is also a no fume, non toxic glue.

Seaglass Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Sea Glass Mosaic Ocean Wave
dresser makeover
A Dresser decorated with sea glass for a Beachy Nursery by Little Crown Interiors.

handmade glass mosaic table top
An old table was made over with a sea glass mosaic. The table top was spray-painted white first, then sea glass pieces were adhered with clear glass adhesive, finished off with pre-mixed grout. By Lisa of Uppercase Living, via Pinterest.

Seaglass Mosaic Sill Idea
Similar to the mosaic table, here a seaglass mosaic makes a sill gorgeous. Seen on Instagram.

sea glass mosaic tray
A little glue, sea glass, and non-sanded white grout turned a plain white tray into a content turtle swimming among seaweed under the sea. By Find Seaglass.

Seaglass Bowl

hand decorated mason jar
A darling Sea Glass Mason Jar.

picture frame decoratd with sea glass
I love the finished look you achieve when using grout. You can learn how to make this picture frame here.

bathroom mirror embellished with mosaic
A beautiful idea for a bathroom mirror. Via Yankee Magazine, featured here.

wreath made with sea glass and grout
Learn how to make this gorgeous Sea Glass Mosaic Wreath at Crafts 'n Coffee.

sea glass planter pictureA cute sea glass planter by Crayola, featured here.

how o make mosaic stepping stones
Add some colors to your garden with mosaic stepping stones. Learn more here. Original source no longer available.

decorated mailbox
A sea glass mosaic Mailbox that's a combination of genuine sea glass, ceramic tile and craft sea glass, and a weatherproof sealer keeps out the winter weather. Made by Cinderella by the Sea for her own home. Via Facebook.