Paint a Dresser Blue -8 Makeovers with a Beach Vibe

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Paint a dresser blue, to reflect the sea! Here are 7 dresser makeovers with a beach vibe.

blue dresser makeover

This Dresser looks perfectly beachy. The gradient idea sure works beautifully on drawers!

dresser before makeover
Before -it was on the dark side.

dresser makeovers with paint
A Cabana Beach Stripe Dresser. Holly who is a professional furniture flipper says that she distressed just the blue paint so that it was slightly faded in spots and the white shows through in others. You can see a detailed picture on her blog.

Blue and White Vertical Striped Dresser
Another idea for a beachy striped dresser that includes Coastal Knobs. Via FB.

dresser makeover before
This dresser needed some major sanding before the painting could begin.

dresser makeover
After the makeover, a world of continents, oceans and seas soothes the eye. To paint this Dresser with a world map, the help of an overhead projector was employed.

paint dresser blue
Like the first dresser, this Beachy Dresser also mimicks the gradient colors of the sea.

garage sale dresser before
A $10 garage sale dresser.

dresser paint makeover
After the paint makeover, This Dresser looks anything but drab.

blue dresser with starfish pulls
Paint a dresser blue, then add faux pulls for an extra beachy vibe. Via HGTV.

blue dresser with wave pattern
Or try a gradient wave pattern! Seen on Flickr. Which is your favorite dresser makeover? To browse many more furniture makeovers, click here!
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Simple Daisy said...

Oh my...I don't know which one I like best!!!! They are all wonderful:)

Heidiopia said...

So many great option! I love Mrs. Brooklyn Limestone's though-- determined to use that fab color somewhere in my home!
Happy Monday, Maya!
Heidi @ Show some Decor

beachcomber said...

the first is my favourite! love the colour.

Juju at Tales of said...

How fun. The wave one is spectacular.

michelle said...

These are great! Love the one that has waves on it. :)

Betsy (BB) said...

Thees are fabulous makeovers! Thanks for sharing them! I love them all!

Simone said...

Blue blue and more blue~! Everything looks good in blue.

sealaura said...

great ideas my fave is the 1st gradiant makeover, nice and subtle ombre. Hope you "weathered" the storm unharmed my dear.

once in a blue moon said...

so many cute ideas, i can't wait to expand so i can decorate some more!

Beach Coast Style said...

oh me oh my!!! just love all of these...I was thinking about flipping a table I have in my office just the inspiration I needed. Only now I need to go and do it right?

Chris said...

Amazing how good those dressers have turned out... I never would have thought about refinishing these dressers, some of them I'd probably toss, yet these look beautiful! said...

I think I love them all!! Great inspiration for a Monday :O)

If you get a chance this week come over and enter to win a beach glass necklace, Maya.

Have a lovely week,

My Life as A Plate said...

All of those dressers are absolutely adorable and so nautical!! Super cute

Anita @ GoingALittleCoastal said...

Such great looking dressers! I love all the blues. Makes me want to paint something now :)

Della said...

The map looks great on the 2nd dresser, and the starfish for knobs on the 6th is very clever! I've been busy painting walls. After I finish walls I'm moving on to my dining table :)

Flotsam Friends said...

I adore #6!! And I also like #1 and that seascape. Pruxxx

MagicMarkingsArt said...

love the coastal stripes!

Beautiful Details said...

Love these...especially the one with the globe and the gradient colors!

Wax Beach Artist said...

Wow! I love all of these dressers but my favorite has to be the gradient dresser from Feminist Housewife, so pretty!

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