DIY Ocean Paintings Anyone Can Make

Fabulous DIY ocean beach paintings.

DIY Ocean Painting Tutorials | Paintings Anyone Can Make
You don't need to be an artist to create these ocean paintings. No drawing skills required either. Anyone can make these! And you will find plenty of tutorials that teach you step by step how to paint the ocean.

There are many ways how you can paint the ocean. Pick your favorite & get your paint brush or palette knife out! And if you need supplies, you can find everything you'll need at Michaels.

DIY Ocean Painting
A stunning textured DIY Ocean Painting, created with a palette knife and house paint.

How to Paint the Ocean
How to Paint the Ocean and Beach with acrylics on canvas, a step by step tutorial by Tracie Kiernan, a former art teacher.

DIY Ocean Art with Crafts Paint
DIY Ocean Art painted with crafts paint.

DIY Ocean Painting with Darice
DIY ocean painting tutorial on the Darice Blog.

DIY Palette Knife Ocean Art Painting
Watch this Palette Knife Ocean Art Video by Ryan Kimba to get an idea how to create your own abstract ocean art painting with a palette knife. 

Abstract Sea Painting Tutorial with Brush Strokes
Colorful Abstract Ocean Painting where you see all the brush strokes.

DIY Ocean Triptych Tutorial by Tara Dennis
Designer Tara Dennis created a stunning ocean triptych for the living room. Unfortunately the tutorial is no longer available.

sea painting tutorial
Another great DIY ocean painting by Tara Dennis. You will learn how to paint waves by simply adding white highlights.

DIY Abstract Ocean Canvas Painting with Bible Verse Be Still and Know
This DIY abstract ocean painting on canvas by View Along The Way includes part of a bible verse, using Chipboard Letters from Michaels

diy abstract sea painting
The impressionist textured effect of this sea painting is achieved with molding paste. Head over to My Clever Nest for all the details and to see how the art looks on the wall.

make a diy abstract painting
Only three areas of color were painted here. Sand, sea, and sky. The paints were mixed with soft gel medium which helps smoothing out the colors across the canvas. Visit Blue Purple and Scarlett for all the details.

learn to paint an abstract sea
Pretty Handy Girl has a video tutorial for you.

No brush needed to paint this abstract ocean art -watch the video tutorial! 

How to Paint Ocean Water Waves Watercolor Painting
Learn How to Paint Ocean Waters with watercolor paints at Craftberry Bush.

Canvases, Paint, Brushes and more.

Self-taught artist shows how to paint the ocean with waves.

Textured Ocean Wave Painting Tutorial DIY Ocean Art
Learn how to paint textured ocean waves with this Video Tutorial on Pinterest.

beach art on wood DIY
Wood makes a great canvas for an abstract ocean painting. Learn some easy paint techniques from Lake Girl Paints. Or shop her art on Etsy -see below.

Pallet Wood Sunset Ocean Painting

diy sea painting on wood
This Abstract Ocean Painting by Aimee Weaver has been a huge hit with over 35,000 shares on Pinterest. It's a beautiful and simple rendering of ocean blues on wood.