The most Extreme Seashell House

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And just when I thought I've seen them all (here and here), another extreme seashell house comes to my attention. The house includes a seashell covered carport and car! It's the most extreme seashell house I have seen so far.

sea shell house in Puerto Rico

Located in Puerto Rico along the southern edge, the house is covered with one man's life long beach finds from top to bottom, photographed by a user on Imgur who wrote: "We found this guy's house in Puerto Rico when he offered to let us use his beach access for free. He said, 'If anybody gives you trouble, tell them Tio Jimmy said you could be here.'" Well, Tio Jimmy, thanks to you we've died and gone to crafter's heaven." And shell heaven it is indeed!

shell covered car
Here's the shell covered car, in the shell covered carport!

shell stair

shell collection

covering table with shells
Work in progress.

shell wall
A seashell house with a beautiful view!

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