Extreme Houses Covered in Shells

How far do you take your Love for Shells and Shelling? Here are some examples of extreme shell houses, including one on wheels.

sea shell house in Puerto Rico
Located in Puerto Rico along the southern edge, this shell house is covered with one man's life long beach finds from top to bottom, photographed by a user on Imgur.

shell covered car
This extreme house includes a shell covered carport, and a shell covered car.

shell stair
Shell covered staircase, and Shell Covered Walls.

shell wall
And a decorative shell wall.

Extreme Shell House Fairytale Home
A jaw dropping fairytale shell house, or as the French would say, une Maison aux Coquillages is a small vacation cottage on the coast of Normandy in France, created by Mr Clément, a retired coppersmith from Paris. It took Mr Clément more than ten years to decorate the house and the shell sculptures in the garden. Most likely all the shells were patiently collected on the local beaches.

Extreme Shell Garden Decorations
The shell sculpture garden.

Shell House
All exterior walls of this Florida shell house are covered with ancient whelk shells. Pam who lives on Sanibel island took pictures of the Shell House during a boat outing. The shell house sits on Demere Key, a private little island off Pine Island just north of Ft. Myers, FL. It is covered from head to toe with ancient whelk shells from mounds created by the Calusa Indians, a Native American tribe that populated the area more than 2,000 years ago.

Over 100 shell mounds in varying sizes, from small refuse heaps to large islands, are said to exist off the coast of Southwest Florida. But only one man as far as we know has created a master piece of a shell house. The man's name, Phil Demere. He originally built the shell house to be a winter resort in the late 1950's. Those days are long gone and today Demere Key is a quiet private island. Who knows who lives there now.

Camper Covered in Shells
And a House on Wheels, covered in shells. Seen on Facebook.