Seashell Garden Ideas

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Use your Seashell Collection for gardening and for pots. These seashell garden ideas will give you some inspiration.

Seashell Garden Pot Mulch Idea
A simple "pot garden" idea that can go on a window sill or the balcony if you don't have an actual outdoor space. Edenmakers calls this seashell mulch.

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Garden Starfish
Even a single starfish (or seashell) can beach up a potted plant.

Sea Shell Garden Ideas
Seashells spread along the stepping stones of a front garden.

Garden Shells
Seashells in a Garden, placed here and there among succulents.

Seashell Garden Idea for fence
Large shells stuck on a garden fence, spotted here.

Shell Fountain
A fountain made of two large clam shells. These are available in cast stone, perhaps even at your local gardening center, or check HERE for online stores that sell them.

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