Shell Landscaping Ideas & Seashell Garden Decor

Take your seashells outdoors with these Landscaping & Gardening ideas.

Shell Landscaping Ideas
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Enjoy your beach collected shells outdoors! Here are some really neat shell landscaping ideas that you might want to use in your own garden or backyard. Seashells can be added to flower beds and used as edging around plants, they can be spread around stepping stones, and some shells can even be used as markers for an herb garden. And then there are some other fun shell landscaping ideas that you might never have thought of!  

Sea Shell Garden Ideas
Seashells along Stepping Stones.

Shell Garden Planters
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Garden Landscaping with Shells between Pavers
Shells sprinkled in between pavers by Heather Krout.

Seashell Garden Landscaping Ideas
Use seashells anywhere in your garden and yard to fill up spots around plantings. Featured on Favorite Outdoor Summer Ideas

Shell Landscaping with Succulents

Seashell Garden Pot Mulch Idea
A simple "pot garden" idea that can go on a window sill or the balcony if you don't have an actual outdoor space. Edenmakers calls this seashell mulch. Also see these neat Seaglass Mulch Ideas.

Garden Starfish
Starfish in planter.

Garden Shells
Seashells in a Garden.

Sea Shell Marker Herb Garden
Shell marker idea via Hometalk

Seashell Garden Idea for fence
Large shells on fence seen here.

Shell Edging Driveway Gardening
Shell edging at a rustic Florida Cottage.

seashell garden path
Shell path border from Beach Garden Landscaping Ideas.

Crushed Oyster Shells Landscaping Idea
Crushed oyster shells landscaping at Finding Silver Pennies.

Decorative Ideas with Crushed Shells

Shell Encrusted Bird Bath
Shell encrusted bird bath idea seen at Laguna Dirt.

Shell Fountain
A fountain made of two large clam shells. These clam shells are made of cast stone. You might find them at your local gardening center. Or Shop Giant Clam Shells online. And check out these Coastal Beach Zen Garden Ideas where you will find a clam shell water fall fountain idea for the pool.