Sea Inspired Water Fountain Ideas | DIY & Shop

Bring the soothing sound of water to your home with a coastal style water fountain. Here are some DIY ideas and shopping sources.

Seashell Water Fountain DIY Sea Shells

Seashell water fountain idea and instructions by Cos It's Cozy on YouTube

Seashell Table Water Fountain

Find a water fountain to which you can add beach rocks & shells. 

Water fountains come in many styles and sizes. You can narrow your search by determining how you want your fountain to be powered -Electric, batteries or solar. Then decide on the size. Are you looking for a smaller tabletop water fountain that you can relocate as needed, or a heavier floor fountain that stays put?  

DIY Fountain Bird Bath Seahorse Idea
Seahorse fountain placed in a Bird Bath featured on Coastal Garden Statues. Start your search for a seahorse water fountain on Ebay.

Bird Bath Fountain Idea for a Sunny Spot: 
Add a solar powered floating water pump to a bird bath (or any other vessel), 
then add beach rocks and/or seashells. 

Water Fall Fountain DIY Idea
Adorned barrel water fountain used on the patio, seen at Our House Now a Home.

DIY Homemade Water Fountain Garden Decor Planter
Turn a large ceramic or concrete Planter into an instant fountain with an inexpensive pump. Or build a water fall fountain using to planter pots (see below). Then fill with beach rocks and/or shells.

DIY 2 Tier Pot Water Fountain Idea
Lowes DIY Two-Tier Water Fountain
Watch It on YouTube

DIY Water Fountain with Bucket and Rocks
Even a bucket can be transformed into a relaxing water fountain. Use beach rocks and add Seaglass Pieces for sparkle. Original source unknown.

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