Water Fountain Ideas for Coastal Living | DIY & Shop

Bring the soothing sound of water to your home with a coastal style water fountain. 

DIY Homemade Water Fountain Garden Decor Planter
A simple way to create a water fountain is to turn a large coastal style ceramic or concrete planter into an instant fountain with an inexpensive pump. Or build a water fall fountain using two planter pots (see below). Then fill with beach rocks and/or shells!

DIY 2 Tier Pot Water Fountain Idea
Lowes DIY Two-Tier Water Fountain
Watch It on YouTube

Seashell Water Fountain DIY Sea Shells
Seashell water fountain idea and instructions by Cos It's Cozy on YouTube.

Seashell Table Water Fountain

Find a water fountain to which you can add beach rocks & shells. 

Water fountains come in many styles and sizes. You can narrow your search by determining how you want your fountain to be powered -Electric, batteries or solar. Then decide on the size. Are you looking for a smaller tabletop water fountain that you can relocate as needed, or a heavier floor fountain that stays put? 

DIY Tabletop Fountain


DIY Fountain Bird Bath Seahorse Idea
Seahorse fountain placed in a Bird Bath featured on Coastal Garden Statues. Start your search for a seahorse water fountain on Ebay.

Bird Bath Fountain Idea for a Sunny Spot: 
Add a solar powered floating water pump to a bird bath (or any other vessel), then add beach rocks and/or seashells. 

Water Fall Fountain DIY Idea
Adorned barrel water fountain used on the patio, seen at Our House Now a Home.

DIY Water Fountain with Bucket and Rocks
Even a bucket can be transformed into a relaxing water fountain. Use beach rocks and add Seaglass Pieces for sparkle. Original source unknown.

Clam Shell Fountain Garden Landscaping Idea