12 Terra Cotta Pot Craft Ideas | Coastal Beach Makeovers

Great terra cotta planter pot makeovers with a coastal beach theme.

Terra Cotta Pot Makeovers
These terracotta pot makeovers range from creatively decorating a pot, to stringing pots together into a chime and beyond.

terra cotta pot crafts
A terra cotta pot craft for the avid beachcomber. 

Terra Cotta Planter Pot Makeover with Seaglass
Similarly to a terra cotta pot makeover with shells, you can embellish a planter pot with seaglass pieces, liket this Terra Cotta Planter Pot Makeover by Crafts by Amanda.

sand covered terra cotta pot
Covering a terra cotta pot with Beach Sand. The texture looks gorgeous. Seen at The V Spot Blog.

terra cotta pot chime
A cute terra cotta pot chime from Plaid Kids Crafts. The painted pots are held together with twine and large wood beads.

Coastal Decoupage Terra Cotta Pot Idea
Coastal Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pot by Vincenza. This pot can be purchased. And there are a few other coastal designs to choose from too.

rope wrap terra cotta pots
Painted Rope Wrapped pots from House by Hoff.

house number terra cotta pot
Terra cotta pot dressed up with a large shell that has the house number on it (sticker). It sits by the entry. Via Heart Maine Home.

terra cotta pot lighthouses
Check out all the very cool Terra Cotta Pot Lighthouses.

Terra Cotta Pot Candle Holder
Turn a small terra cotta pot into a candle holder. To learn more about his idea, click here.

half terra cotta pot
And in case you have a broken terra cotta pot, try This Craft.

terra cotta pot table
Turn a large terra cotta pot into a table. With a little bit of creative painting you can make yourself a cute beachy side table. Seen here. You could top it off with a piece of glass to make it a Shell Display Table.