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Make a Clay Pot Lighthouse

Do you have a favorite lighthouse? You could easily make a replica with clay pots! Here are a few ideas how to make a clay pot lighthouse that you can use to brighten up a space in your yard or inside.

terra cotta pot lighthouse
What you'll need to make your clay pot lighthouse are different sized clay pots, exterior paint (if used outside), and any decorations of your choice. You can see from the pictures that some of the lighthouses have a saucer on top. And if you're planning to place your clay pot lighthouse in the yard, add a solar light! I think that would be fun. Of course you could also have a lantern with a candle as a beacon of light. And glue the clay pots together, should they not nest securely enough. Choose different clay pots and saucer sizes to make a smaller or larger lighthouse.

The yellow Lighthouse is via Flickr, the one with the blue lantern on top comes from Thrifty Fun, and for the
the clay pot lighthouse on the bottom right, click here (two large pots are cemented together and painted, with a lantern on top).

Painted Terra Cotta Pot Lighthouse
A simple two clay pot lighthouse from Thrifty Fun.

How to Make a Lighthouse from Clay Pots
How to Make a Clay Pot Lighthouse via ehow.

diy terra cotta pot lighthouses
Here is another example from a lighthouse kit sold at Mary Maxim. Placed in a large saucer your lighthouse could feed the birds! Or fill with water and it could function as a bird bath. I think it would be fun to have a clay pot lighthouse anywhere in the yard, on the porch or next to the front door. Where would you place it?
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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a clever idea! I love lighthouses! said...

Now this is a great DIY project for any age!! CLever, clever!

Amy Rick said...

I love that idea for a bird bath!

Ed Sonderman said...

I have a problem w/moss and mold growing on clay pots used outside. Painting them w/exterior house paint will eliminate this problem?

Coutry Girl said...

Cool idea! ;-)

Patricia Silsbe said...

How did you make the fence on the top around the light? Thanks Trish