Artful Beach House Decor in Bright Colors

You can't say this beach house is cozy, but artful it is.

beach house decor
The beach house is located in Bethany Beach, Delaware, and the living room looks out onto the deck. Photographs of pool water hang in six panels over the sofa and colorful blown-glass-and-neon jellyfish, bought in New Orleans, dangle from the ceiling. And check out the Glass Display Coffee Table. The table is open on the sides and holds clear boxes filled with sand and seashells.

beach house decor in bright colors
The colors burst against the neutral walls and hardwood floors. The art you see on the wall of the dining room lists beach facts.

artful beach house postcard sculpture
The most original and artful piece is an oversized postcard sculpture that reads Welcome to Bethany Beach. The stone floor is quite artful as well, resembling pebbles on a beach.

art chair with fish
The lounging area off the main living room includes a Beach Rug with Wave Pattern. And the art chair near the doors features a big fish on top of its back. Plus, a line of framed shell art prints above the couch.

art chairs with light
And out on the deck, plastic chairs that provide their own light invite you to sit and chill. To see it all, head over to the Washington Post.