Bird Bath Makeovers into Glass Top Display Tables

Show off your beach treasures in an unexpected way with an easy to make display side table using a bird bath.

make glass top side table
It is easy to convert a bird bath into a Glass Display Table. The perfect side table for an Outdoor Living Room. Seen here.

bird bath side table
Bird baths provide a great space to display beach treasures. They're heavy, sturdy and stable. And this is how easy it is to make them: Have a thick glass cut to size and attach clear rubber adhesive bumpers, and you have a table top. Bird bath table featured here.

make table with birdbath
Fill in a layer of sand first, then arrange the shells and other sea treasures on top to create a beach scene. The glass top can be made a tight fit or overlap, depending on your taste. Picture bottom right, via My Desert Cottage. Original source unknown for the other images.

bird bath table
Here a bird bath table is used as a nightstand, displaying colorful seaglass. Source unknown.

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