Creative Glass Display Coffee Tables

Creative glass display coffee tables that show off collections in style. Be prepared for uniqueness.

Boat Glass Table
This glass display coffee table is custom built in the shape of a small boat. It's so adorable. But wait till you see what it holds inside. Via Gmcb.

boat glass coffee table with display of glass floats
A beautiful Fishing Glass Floats collection. Could be fun to hunt for just the right dinghy or small row boat, then turn it into a glass display coffee table!

Sun Porch
The glass display coffee table on this sun porch is equally brilliant.

Glass Display Coffee Table
It is made from an iron sewing machine base that is topped with an old Printer's Typecase Drawer, then filled with various seashells. Via My Home Ideas.

Pallet Wood Display Coffee Table
DIY display coffee table made from Pallet Wood via Facebook.

Pottery Barn Coffee Table
Pottery Barn's Glass Display Coffee Table.

Glass Display Coffee Table
If you have a seaworthy collection, a Glass Coffee Display Table or a Curio Display Table is a great way to enjoy it daily.

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