Nautical Boat Wall Planters

You might not want to bring a whole Boat to your Backyard, but how about a nautical boat planter or flower box?

nautical boat wall planter
Charming boat planters and boat flower boxes that you can hang or mount on the wall. Image via Panoramio.

Boat Wall Planters
Made in Maine with premium marine materials and strong reinforced fiberglass hull, these window box style boat planters have a flat back to hang under windows or on the wall.

Boat Flower Box

Painted Wood Boat Wall Planters
Boat wall planter are offered in 3 colors for the bottoms. Red, blue, green. 
Let them know if you want holes drilled for drainage.

hull boat planter
Half hulls boat wall planters with the option for a custom text. 
You could have one made that says welcome on it and make it an entry or door planter.

hanging boat planter
And from an online store in the UK comes this fun hanging Wall Planter.