Decorative Lighthouses | Lighthouse Decor Ideas

If you love lighthouses, get some decorative lighthouses for your home.

Decorative Lighthouses Nautical Lighthouse Decor Objects
Should your love for lighthouses lead to an entire collection, displaying them all together makes for a compelling visual. These decorative lighthouses seen at Architectural Digest all came from Ebay. They are mostly wood lighthouses, and new. 

Lighthouse Decor
A single decorative lighthouse can be a beacon anywhere in your home. Just make sure you get the right size for the space. Original source unknown. 

Lighthouse Decor Nautical Living Room
Decorative lighthouses as well as a Lighthouse Table Lamp reflect the nautical theme of this room, featured in Tim Neve's Book Sandcastles. 

Historic Wood Lighthouses
Decorative lighthouse on display on a Red Painted Bookshelf.

Decorative Lighthouse on Shelf Decor Idea
Decorative lighthouse in the spotlight on a shelving nook in a CA Nantucket Style Home.

This Lighthouse from Wayfair can hold a collection of corks. 

Decorative Lawn Lighthouses
Shop Lawn & Garden Lighthouses at Wayfair

These lawn lighthouses come in different designs, sizes and are either plug in or solar powered.
Lighthouse Decor Christmas
Decorative lighthouses can easily be part of your Coastal Christmas Decor. Via Pinterest.

Red Striped Decorative Lighthouse Nautical Decor
Decorative red striped lighthouse standing tall next to a small Nautical Christmas Tree.

Birdhouse Lighthouse
You can even use a decorative lighthouse as a Coastal Christmas Tree Topper. Seen at Charleston Crafted. This lighthouse, as you might have guessed, is actually a Birdhouse from Michaels.