Coastal Gingerbread House Ideas | Gingerbread Lighthouse & Beach Huts

If the holiday season is not complete for you without a gingerbread house, make a coastal gingerbread house! Here are some great ideas, some with recipes and instructions.

Coastal Gingerbread Lighthouse Ideas, Recipes and Templates
The basic ingredients and building blocks to create a gingerbread lighthouse are the gingerbread dough, sugar and spice, royal icing as glue and decor, lots of candy and your imagination!

Coastal Living Gingerbread Lighthouse Recipe
Coastal Living's  Gingerbread lighthouse features many delicious details such as a dock constructed with pretzel sticks and candy cane lampposts. Source no longer available.

Instruction how to Make a Gingerbread Lighthouse
The walls of this Gingerbread lighthouse are covered with candy rocks. Pretzels are used for the railing on top of the lighthouse. Source is no longer available.

Gingerbread Lighthouse Ideas
Cape Code Gingerbread Lighthouse. Like the first lighthouse, it is imprinted with a brick pattern. And did you notice the Christmas tree in the window?

Gingerbread Lighthouse
Gingerbread Lighthouse wit Lobsters. It's a replica of the lighthouse in Port Medway, Nova Scotia. The cute little lobsters are sculpted out of marzipan.

Simple Gingerbread Lighthouse
And a whimsical Gingerbread Lighthouse from Chesapeake Bay, an online food store.

A gingerbread beach hut along with a gingerbread lighthouse. Source unknown.   

Gingerbread Beach Hut
And here is a recipe for an adorable Mini Gingerbread Beach Hut.

The details on these coastal gingerbread houses are simply amazing. But don't try to reach perfection here, just have fun and build your own version of a coastal gingerbread house, be it a gingerbread lighthouse or a gingerbread beach hut.

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