Wrapping Papers & Gift Wrap Ideas with a Coastal Beach Theme

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Your Thoughtful and Lovely Gifts need a great wrap! So here are a few coastal, beach and nautical theme gift wrapping papers and simple coastal and beachy gift wrap ideas.

Coastal and Beach Theme Wrapping Papers

Middle Dune sells ocean themed wrapping paper kits with hand printed sea creatures. The kit contains one sheet of a repeating octopus, horseshoe crab, and mussel motif and a second sheet with octopuses all over, four mini cards, and four envelops.

Coastal and Beach Theme Gift Wrapping Ideas
Embellish your gift with gold sea life stickers from Chunky Pineapple. From seahorses, to crabs, to whales.

Starfish Stamp Gift Wrapping Paper
Kraft paper stamped with starfish from Every Day's a Holiday.

Red Coral Gift Wrapping Paper
Lovely red coral gift wrapping paper from Ornament Letter Press.

Cavallini Wrapping Paper
Cavallini gift wrapping paper with a sea life theme from Paper Source, featured here (where you find more nautical wrapping papers).

Gift Wrapping Papers on Zazzle
A wide variety of coastal, beach and nautical theme wrapping papers on Zazzle.

Art Wrapping Papers
Unique beach painting gift wrapping paper from Normans Printery.

Anchor Gift Wrapping Papers
Also from Normans Printery, blue and red Anchor Gift Wrapping Paper.

nautical gift wrapping ideas
And learn to tie the knot here!

How to Make Anchor Stamp
Make your own Anchor Stamps. It's super easy to make stamps. Cut out any shape you want!

Burlap Gift Wrapping Idea
Some DIY gift wrap ideas with burlap, found here.

Paper Bag Gift Wrapping Idea
And a free idea! Paper bags from the grocery store were used to wrap these gifts. By Craft Organic. And for even more inspiration how to give your gifts a coastal wrap, click here and here!

And if you are still looking for the perfect coastal gift, make sure to check out my Coastal Gift Guide 2015!

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